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Led by experienced AP teachers, AP Daily videos cover all content and skills for every AP course.

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Get the Most Out of AP Daily 

  • AP Daily videos can be viewed with closed captioning.
  • Search a video’s transcript for specific words and phrases to find the information you’re looking for quickly. 

  • Closed captions are available for each AP world language video in both the course language and English. 

AP Daily Viewing Options

Teachers and students can watch AP Daily videos on demand and on any device in AP Classroom. Use AP Daily videos to introduce, reinforce, or review important concepts.  

In Class

Assign videos for students to watch either as a class or independently to facilitate engagement with new course content and skills.  


Assign videos as student-driven learning along with topic questions to check students’ understanding of specific course content and skills. 

Additional Practice

Assign videos to review specific topics before assigning progress checks at the end of each course unit or before the AP Exam. 

AP Daily Exam Practice

AP Daily: Practice Sessions and AP Daily: Live Review help students prepare for AP Exams. Recordings can be found in AP Classroom on the Review page in the Course Guide section. 

AP Daily: Practice Sessions

Access these 15-minute videos that focus on best practices for approaching free-response and multiple-choice questions on AP Exams.

AP Daily: Live Review

Watch recordings from previous school years that cover course content and skills on AP Exams.

What Students Are Saying


"My favorite resource was AP Daily videos because they broke down each section of the class and went in detail about each topic."

Brian, AP Alum