AP Coordinator Planning Guide

See Accommodations for Digital AP Exams for details about how accommodations are applied to digital exams and review with your school’s SSD coordinator. Make sure relevant students understand how accommodations will work on their exams.

For digital exams only, AP coordinators don’t need to complete a Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) for students testing with accommodations. NARs still must be completed for paper-and-pencil exams (and AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams), following the procedure detailed in the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2.

Assistive Technology

Some types of assistive technology may require specific configuration steps to be done before the student tests. Review details about using and configuring assistive technology with Bluebook and share this information with students.

On exam day, after checking in to Bluebook™ (and before entering the room code), students will be able to access configuration instructions through the Help section and complete any configuration steps if needed before beginning the exam.

It's important for students planning to test with assistive technology to try test previews in Bluebook with their testing device and the assistive technology they’ll use on exam day. This will help students get familiar with the tools in the app and make sure their assistive technology works as expected with the digital exams.

Confirming or Waiving Accommodations

In AP Registration and Ordering, AP coordinators should review and confirm students’ accommodations listed for digital AP Exams, and they can also waive students’ accommodations if they don’t want to take a digital exam with accommodations. For more information, see Confirming Accommodations for Digital AP Exams.

Multiple-Day Testing

If a student has an approved accommodation that makes them eligible for multiple-day testing, this will need to be indicated for the student in AP Registration and Ordering by no later than two calendar days before the scheduled digital exam date. The AP coordinator will also need to follow specific steps to correctly set up rooms in Test Day Toolkit and assign students and proctors to the rooms. Details about multiple-day testing are in the AP Coordinator Exam Day Guide.

Temporary Supports

A student who has a temporary medical or physical condition (e.g., a broken hand) may request temporary assistance if it's needed to complete the exam. For more information, see Accommodations for Digital AP Exams.