AP Music Theory Development Committee

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2020-21 Development Committee Members

These dedicated educators play a critical role in the preparation of the course description and exam for AP Music Theory. They represent a diversity of knowledge and points of view in their fields and, as a group, are the authority when it comes to making subject-matter decisions in the exam-construction process. The AP development committees represent a unique collaboration between high school and college educators.

Committee Co-Chairs

Laura D’Angelo, Webster Thomas High School—Webster, New York

Matthew Bribitzer-Stull, University of Minnesota—Minneapolis, Minnesota

Committee Members

Leigh Van Handel, Michigan State University—East Lansing, Michigan

Akira Sato, Plano West Senior High School—Plano, Texas

Janet Peachey, Duke Ellington School of the Arts—Washington, D.C.

Inessa Bazayev, Louisiana State University—Baton Rouge, Louisiana

College Board Advisor

Christopher Lee, Newtown High School—Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Chief Reader

Ronald Rodman, Carleton College—Northfield, Minnesota