AP International Diploma

AP Score Reports for Educators

The AP International Diploma (APID) is a globally recognized certificate awarded to students who display exceptional achievement across a variety of disciplines. Available to international students attending secondary schools outside the U.S. and to U.S. high school students applying to universities outside the country, the APID certifies outstanding academic excellence with a global perspective. (But it's not a substitute for a high school diploma.)

Students don't need to apply for the APID; it's automatically awarded in the year all eligibility requirements are met. The College Board notifies students by email after the award has been conferred. Students may self-print an APID certificate from AP Scores. School administrators with access to AP Scores for Educators may identify APID students using the AP Scholars Report. 

APID Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must score a 3 or higher on 5 or more AP Exams.
  • Exams taken multiple times only count once—the highest score will be used for award calculation.
  • Students must attend a school outside the U.S. or U.S. territories, -OR-
  • Students attending a school within the U.S., U.S. territories or the DoDEA network must send AP score(s) to a university outside the U.S.
  • Exams must fulfill the following content areas:

Content Area 1

Eligible AP Courses

Any two (2) eligible AP world language or English exams, if the exams are across two different languages. *




Any one (1) AP world language or English exam, AND a letter of proficiency± in a language not available as an AP Exam, AND one (1) additional AP Exam (cannot be English or a world language) **


±A letter of proficiency verifying the student’s mastery of a language not available as an AP Exam satisfies the requirement for ONE AP Exam in the language category. However, a student who chooses this option must submit an additional AP Exam from another content area to meet the overall requirement of five (5) AP Exams with scores of 3 or higher to qualify for the APID. See instructions to submit a letter of proficiency below.


*Examples of accepted APID world language requirements:

  • French Language and Culture + German Language and Culture
  • Chinese Language and Culture + English Language and Composition
  • Chinese Language and Culture + English Literature and Composition

NOT accepted:

  • English Language and Composition + English Literature and Composition can't be paired together.
  • Spanish Literature and Culture and Spanish Language and Culture can't be paired together. 

**Examples when substituting an AP language exam

  • English Literature and Composition Exam + letter of proficiency in Arabic + four (4) other qualifying AP Exams
  • Chinese Language and Culture + letter of proficiency in Korean + four (4) other qualifying AP Exams

World Languages & Cultures


Content Area 2

Eligible AP Courses

One AP Exam offering a global perspective

Content Area 3

Eligible AP Course

One AP Exam from either the sciences or math and computer science

Math & Computer Science


Content Area 4

Eligible AP Courses

One additional AP Exam (can't be English or a world language)

AP Capstone™


History & Social Science

Math & Computer Science
See above

See above

World Languages & Culture

Letter of Proficiency Instructions

  • Must be printed on school letterhead by an administrator at their school and include:
    • A brief description of the student’s mastery of a non-AP language.
    • Student's full name and AP number from most recent testing year
  • May be submitted at any time during the year, but ideally in early July so the award (if all other criteria for the award is met) can be included in the student's record as early as possible after the current year awards are provided.
  • Email as a PDF to AP Services for Educators [email protected] (Include ‘APID Letter of Proficiency’ in the subject.)
  • Questions about the APID may be directed to AP Services for Educators.