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Pre-AP is based on the belief that every student can prepare for higher intellectual engagement by starting the development of skills as early as possible. The College Board supports schools and districts for Pre-AP in a number of ways.

Pre-AP Professional Development

Pre-AP workshops equip educators with the strategies and tools needed to engage students in active, high-level learning. There are five different workshop types, each offering a unique professional development focus:

Setting the Cornerstones: This workshop offers a step-by-step action plan for administrators and teachers who are planning to build an AP Vertical Team® in their schools. Participants receive a toolkit of concrete applications, including strategies and hands-on activities that can be used to build AP Vertical Teams and to begin developing their district’s action plan. Guided discussions will facilitate identifying and solving potential roadblocks.

Vertical Teaming: Focus on instructional strategies and curriculum alignment to aid teachers in building or strengthening their Vertical Team, and in preparing students for college-level course work.

Strategies: Explore subject-specific strategies for analyzing student work and enhancing instructional practices.

Interdisciplinary: Learn how to integrate strategies in different subject areas.

Instructional Leadership (for administrators): Learn strategies that help integrate professional development into a system-wide process for improving instructional practices and student learning.


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SpringBoard Pre-AP Program

SpringBoard is the College Board’s comprehensive instructional program for all students in grades 6–12. It provides a customizable pathway integrating rigorous instruction, performance-based assessment, and exemplary professional development.

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