Updated April 2020: Student Directions for Using the AP Art and Design Digital Submission Web Application: Students

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Important Updates

New! Updated April 2020: In response to school closures due to the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, we’ve made these changes to the 2020 AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams:
  • No physical portfolios. All AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams will be submitted digitally. Students will not send physical portfolios this year. 
  • New deadline. The portfolio submission deadline is extended to May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET.
  • Updated requirements. The portfolio requirements have changed:
    • The Sustained Investigation section requires 10 images (instead of 15)
    • The Selected Works section requires 3 works (instead of 5). The required number of images per portfolio are as follows:
      • AP Drawing: Upload 3 images (1 view each) of 3 works
      • AP 2-D Art and Design: Upload 3 images (1 view each) of 3 works
      • AP 3-D Art and Design: Upload 6 images (2 views each) of 3 works

Changes to Digital Submission Process

The steps you’ll need to take in the AP Art and Design digital submission web application have also changed for 2020. This demo has been updated to show these changes. Here is an overview of what’s changed in the web application.

Access Key

To initially create your portfolio, use the access key your AP teacher or AP coordinator provided you with to set up your portfolio in the digital submission web application. If you don’t have a key and cannot get one from your teacher or AP coordinator, you can use this key: aps2020.

Placeholder Images

Even though you need to submit fewer works this year, the web application still requires you to upload 15 Sustained Investigation images and images of 5 Selected Works. So we’re providing placeholder images for you to upload when the application asks you for them.

These placeholder images won’t be reviewed or scored; their only purpose is to enable you to progress through the web application. Only Sustained Investigation images 1–10 and the images of Selected Works 1−3 will be scored this year.

Here’s how to get the placeholder images you’ll need to submit your portfolio:


Download the zip file

Click on the appropriate link below to download a ZIP file containing the placeholder images. Save the ZIP file to your computer.


Extract and save the files

Extract (unzip) all the files from the ZIP file and save them to your computer.


Checkbox for Physical Portfolios and Printed Written Evidence

For AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing, to proceed in the web application you’ll still need to check the boxes that say you’ll mail your physical work, including printed written evidence. This is only a technical requirement. You won’t mail a physical portfolio this year.

Confirming Portfolio Status

After you submit your portfolio, you should sign back in to the web application to check your portfolio status before the submission deadline. Although it’s rare, if your AP teacher sends your portfolio back to you for any reason, you’ll need to resubmit it before the deadline. Your portfolio must be in one of the following statuses at the time of the May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET deadline to be scored: Forwarded to Teacher, Forwarded to Coordinator, Forwarded to AP.