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Print Written Evidence for 2-D Art and Design or Drawing

If you’re submitting an AP 2-D Art and Design or AP Drawing Portfolio Exam, you’ll be taken to a screen that will prompt you to print your written evidence for the Selected Works section (see below). Click the yellow box to print your written evidence, and make sure you bring your printed written evidence with you when it’s time to pack your physical work in the portfolio envelope. 

Please note: If you’re submitting portfolios for both AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing, the printed written evidence doesn’t specify which portfolio it's for. However, the printed written evidence includes thumbnail images of your submitted work.  When assembling your physical portfolio submissions, it will be important to make sure you put the correct written evidence in each envelope. 

Download Your Portfolio Submission

If you’d like to have a record of the work you submitted through the digital submission web application, you have the option of downloading and printing the sections. You can also download and print the other sections of your digital portfolio if you’d like to keep a record of them (including 3-D Art and Design), by clicking Print in the Portfolio Progress Navigation menu. This is optional. It’s only mandatory to print the written evidence for the Selected Works section of the 2-D Art and Design or Drawing Portfolio Exams for inclusion in your physical portfolio submission.