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New! Updated April 2020: There’s information on the web application that doesn’t apply anymore because of changes this year. Carefully follow this demo, which has been updated to help you submit your portfolio.

Click My Portfolio at the top right of the web application to access and update your portfolio.

  • Note that the status shown at the top left of the My Portfolio page indicates the portfolio you're working on and its status in the digital submission process.
  • Select the section you’d like to work on from the Portfolio Progress Navigation menu (the numbered steps from “Introduction” to “Print”).
  • Click Forward Portfolio only when you’re ready to submit your final portfolio to the AP Program. The web application won’t allow you to submit your portfolio until all the sections have been completed. The Forward Portfolio page will show you any steps that aren’t complete. Once the portfolio is forwarded, you won’t be able to make updates, but you should come back to your portfolio before the May 26 final submission deadline to confirm that your teacher didn’t send it back to you for any reason. More information about this is on the Forward Portfolio page.