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You must forward each student's digital portfolio to your school's AP coordinator before it can be submitted to the AP Program for scoring. You cannot forward digital portfolios to your coordinator until they have been forwarded to you by your students.

From the Student Portfolio List, use the Forward Selected Portfolios to Coordinator or Forward All Portfolios with “Forwarded to Teacher” status to Coordinator links under the Actions drop-down menu to forward portfolios, individually or in batches, to your AP coordinator. You can also forward an individual portfolio when viewing that portfolio.

Student Portfolio List Forward View

The first time you forward a portfolio to the AP coordinator, a screen will appear requiring you to acknowledge that the portfolio is ready for submission and that the student has agreed to certain statements about the contents of the portfolio.

At the bottom of this screen, there is a check box that allows you to choose not to display this page again. By checking the box, you are acknowledging for these and all subsequent portfolios forwarded to the AP coordinator that the students have agreed to these statements.

Forward Portfolio