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Once you’ve set up access, the Student Portfolio List will appear each time you sign in to the web application.

Once some, or all, of your teachers and students have set up their access, this list will show each portfolio and its status in the digital submission process:

Status Meaning

Not Started

The student set up access to the web application but hasn't yet saved any work to the portfolio.

In Progress

The student started working on the portfolio but hasn't yet forwarded the portfolio to the teacher.

Forwarded to Teacher

The student forwarded the portfolio to the teacher.

Further Action Recommended

The student forwarded the portfolio to the teacher, but the teacher has returned it to the student with recommendation for further action. (In the rare event of a technical error or incomplete submission, teachers may send the portfolio back to the student with recommendations on how to correct the submission. Incomplete portfolios can't be submitted. Note: All students have agreed to abide by the College Board Board Artistic Integrity Agreement. Even if a teacher were to suspect that a student may have plagiarized aspects of the portfolio, the teacher must not send back the submission. To review the AP Art and Design ethics, artistic integrity, and plagiarism policy, see the AP Art and Design Course and Exam Description.)

Forwarded to Coordinator

The teacher forwarded the portfolio to the coordinator. The coordinator must either forward the portfolio to the AP Program or, if needed, return it to the teacher.

Returned to Teacher

The teacher forwarded the portfolio to the coordinator, but the coordinator has returned it to the teacher.

Sent to AP

Once the coordinator sends the portfolio to the AP Program, the status changes to Sent to AP. Only portfolios with this status at the time of the deadline are scored.

The filter at the top of the Student Portfolio List allows you to choose which portfolios, teachers, or statuses you want to display in the list.

Click the Actions tab to select an action you’d like to take (e.g., send an individual portfolio or a selection of portfolios to the AP Program). The links for actions that are not available under the current circumstances will appear grayed out. For instance, if none of your teachers have forwarded you finished portfolios, you’ll be unable to click any of the Send Portfolio to AP links.