2016 Studio Art Drawing: Student Samples

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The student works displayed on these pages are reproductions of actual works submitted by students in May 2016.

There are two portfolios featured in this series: Student Sample 1 and Student Sample 2.  Each portfolio section has its own page and features the corresponding works from Student Sample 1 and Student Sample 2’s portfolios. Each group of works is accompanied by a brief rationale for the scores awarded to the works.

These two portfolios were chosen because they clearly represent different points on the scoring scale. In the course of the AP evaluation, each section of the portfolio is scored on a six-point scale. Once the evaluation is complete, the various scores assigned to each student's portfolio are combined and transformed into the final AP grade of 1-5.

Note: With the exception of a small number of spelling corrections and clarifications (in brackets), all information in the commentaries is transcribed exactly as the students wrote it.

Media and dimensions for the works shown are based on information provided by each student. In some cases, minor revisions have been made for clarity.

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the students who have agreed to share their works in this way.