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Please note that the Sustained Investigation and the Range of Approaches sections below are from two different students’ portfolios.  

Rationale for Score

  • 3-D Design principles are applied to a broad range of design problems. Repetition of line, shape, and color is created by illuminated streamers in Prism Installation (images 1 and 2). Hedgehog (images 3 and 4) features balance and proportion. Smooth, organic forms contrast with rectangular scratched wood panels in Holding On (images 9 and 10). Scale is demonstrated in image 16, which documents the construction of Inflight Entertainment (images 15 and 16). The contrast of occupied and unoccupied space is especially strong in Exposed (images 7 and 8) and Table (images 5 and 6).
  • A range of original and innovative ideas is shown, with experimentation and playfulness informing many pieces. Images 1 and 2 present an installation incorporating a “found” light fixture; the work is photographed to reveal multiple viewer perspectives. Hedgehog (images 3 and 4) conveys personality through texture and form; photography demonstrates the versatility of the work and its presentation. Images 15 and 16 show the use of recycled materials. Although Teapot (images 11 and 12) and Restrained (images 13 and 14) are more conventional, the use of belts is what cinches the innovative characteristics of the works overall.
  • Most pieces suggest confidence in concept and execution, engaging the viewer with expressive qualities. An Exposed hand that is skeletal (images 7 and 8) and ones that are Holding On (images 9 and 10) evoke some emotional responses. 
  • Materials and media are used well to express ideas. The concept of motion is expressed in Table (images 5 and 6), with repeated (opaque) base and (transparent) top propeller shapes and stepped, multi-level vertical dowels combining to produce patterns and layers that imply rotation.
  • Although the work demonstrates varying levels of accomplishment — the ceramic forms, especially Teapot (images 11 and 12), are conceptually and technically less accomplished, and the string in Table (images 5 and 6) disrupts the flow of visual movement — overall the work is strong.

You can also download these images and score rationale as a PDF portfolio.  Please use Internet Explorer or Safari to open the link.