Pre-AP: Strategies in Science—Creating a Learner-Centered Classroom

beginning of content:

In this workshop, you will create a classroom that orchestrates discourse through speaking, writing, and graphic representation. Specific strategies addressed include inquiry-based learning, discussion and discourse techniques, a five-stage instructional model, inductive thinking, discrepant events, brainstorming, assignment of roles in collaborative groups, and graphic organizers. You will learn strategies for designing and using meaningful investigations, writing dynamic problems, and enhancing current classroom activities so that students develop a deeper understanding of concepts and produce more thoughtful responses. You will gain a clear understanding of how successful students learn and how to develop those skills in others, as well as how to build relevant, informative assessments that allow you to monitor and foster scientific thinking without interrupting instruction.

Length: 2 days

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Implement the Five-Stage Instructional Model.
  • Identify and experience teaching strategies that will develop higher-level thinking and discourse.
  • Organize your classroom in a way that will foster self-directed learning.
  • Recognize and respond to student diversity.
  • Appreciate the value of providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum to a greater number of students, many of whom have traditionally been underrepresented in college-bound classes.