Pre-AP: Strategies in Mathematics—Functions

beginning of content:

In this workshop, you will develop a deep content knowledge of functions and discuss grade-level-appropriate content and classroom strategies, including using technology to promote understanding. You will acquire skills that promote students’ methodical thinking and their clear communication of those thought processes. This workshop illustrates a guided-exploration approach that emphasizes student thinking as the key to learning, and communication as the key to assessing understanding. Specific topics include linear, quadratic, and nonlinear functions.

Length: 1 day

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Use embedded assessment as a teaching strategy to raise students to higher levels of achievement and understanding.
  • Learn about the dependency of input and output variables.
  • Help students create links between ratio and rate using variables and the concept of function.
  • Help students use graphs to investigate problems.
  • Identify and develop your students’ conceptual knowledge, processes, and skills, as well as the habits that will prepare them for AP® Calculus and other advanced classes.
  • Develop a guided exploration-based pedagogical strategy that fosters thinking in mathematics and provide your students with a learning-by-doing classroom environment.