Pre-AP Strategies in English — Beyond Acronyms: Inquiry-Based Close Reading

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In this workshop for middle and early high school teachers, you will learn to facilitate inquiry-based practices through close reading in your classrooms.

The strategies presented in this workshop will lay the groundwork necessary for students to begin to meet the demands of rigorous course work. The workshop focuses on classroom strategies that allow students to ask and generate questions, develop the ability to actively engage with any text, and analyze and document their own thinking while reading. Topics addressed include: close reading questioning, critical thinking question stems, dialectical journaling, analytical writing, and holistic assessment.

Length: 1 day

Learning Outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define close reading, examine different modes of learning, and explore ideas for writing and holistic scoring.
  • Provide students with strategies for responding to and generating questions.
  • Suggest specific strategies teachers can incorporate into daily lessons.
  • Lay the foundation for student success in rigorous course work.