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After completing the steps in the AP Registration and Ordering Setup section, the AP coordinator needs to create class sections for this school year if they haven’t already been created. This action generates a join code for teachers to share with their students. Class sections must be created as soon as possible, before classes begin.

Creating class sections

Class sections need to be created in AP Registration and Ordering to associate students with the classes and exams they’re taking.

The creation of class sections generates join codes (one unique join code per class section per school). Students use join codes to enroll in their class sections.

  • Class sections can only be created for AP teachers who teach a course authorized through the AP Course Audit.
  • Class sections must be created for all AP courses, even if there’s only one section for a course at your school.
  • If you have students who will be taking an AP Exam at your school without taking the corresponding course at your school, you’ll need to create an exam only section for that subject.

If teachers at your school already created class sections, review the class section names to ensure they’re consistent and align with the naming standard at your school. Remember that class section names are what appear in Instructional Planning Reports. If you need to make any changes, you’ll be able to edit the class section names even if teachers created the sections.

Creating exam only sections

You’ll need to create an exam only section if your school administers AP Exams to students who aren’t enrolled in a course at your school, for instance:

  • Independent/self-study students attending your school who want to take an exam for a course they’re not enrolled in
  • Students who attend another school but want to test at your school
  • Homeschooled students who will be testing at your school
  • Virtual school students who will be testing at your school

Learn more about ordering exams for these students.

Only AP coordinators can create exam only sections; teachers can’t create them.

It’s recommended you create a separate exam only section for each exam subject that homeschooled, independent study, and/or virtual school students will be taking at your school. You may want to include information—such as “homeschooled”—in these exam only section names to help with your tracking. Learn more about ordering exams for these students.

Accessing and sharing join codes

A unique alphanumeric join code is automatically generated for each class section or exam only section created. Communicate with your school’s AP teachers to let them know when you’ve created class sections. Teachers then sign in to or AP Central to access the join code for each class section they teach from their personalized homepage.

Important: On the first day of class, teachers share the join code with their students so they can enroll in the class sections. For a guide that provides instructions for teachers to access and provide join codes to students, download Helping Students Join Your AP Class Section (.pdf/687 KB).

Only AP coordinators can provide the join code to students in an exam only section. These students need the join code for the exam only section so they can confirm their enrollment and be included in the exam order.

For more information about class sections, exam only sections, and join codes, please refer to the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 (.pdf/19.6 MB).