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AP coordinators can use the multi-select feature in AP Registration and Ordering to change the exam date for multiple students in a course at time, for instance if your school won’t be able to administer exams during Administration 1 and you need to move students to digital testing during Administration 2 and/or Administration 3. (For details about how to switch the exam date for a single student, go here.)

To change the date for all students per course:

1 On the student roster, first use the course filter to view the roster by a specific course (filter by one course at a time).

2 Then, click the box at the top left of the student roster to select all students in the course, or you can individually select multiple students.


3 Then, click Actions at the top left of the student roster, and choose Change Exam Date from the drop down menu to select the administration you want to move the students to.


4 Follow the steps listed above for indicating the reason for later testing, confirming testing location, and submitting changes to your exam order.

Note: When changing the exam date for multiple students at a time, you’ll need to select a single reason for late testing and a single testing location (in school or at home) for all students. If your school will have students taking digital exams both at home and in school for the course, you’ll need to change the exam date for groups of students based on where they’re testing (i.e. those testing at home and those testing in school).