Network Requirements

An internet connection is required at the start and end of the exam, but students can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily. Make sure that all students and testing staff can access your network—even if they use personal devices.

Network Speed and Strength

We recommend at least 1 Mbps for each student taking the exam at the same time over the same network.

Testing Room Selection

Technology coordinators and AP coordinators should work together to choose rooms that can support the expected number of students testing. The room and seating requirements are similar to the paper exam but include network and power requirements as well. Detailed room and seating requirements will be shared in early 2023.

To test the wireless coverage and range in each exam room:

  1. Start with the number of access points indicated in the following table. Because environmental factors affect network performance, you may need more.  

  2. Choose a time when competing network activity approximates exam day conditions.  

  3. In the room, run a speed test at:  

  4. Check for areas with weak signal strength or low bandwidth by running the speed test in multiple seating areas within the room.  

If bandwidth is low, minimize competing network activity on exam day. 

Recommended Ratios of Devices to Wireless Access Points 

Testing Device 

Ratio of Devices to
802.11g WAP 

Ratio of Devices to
802.11n WAP 







Mix of 802.11g and 802.11n 



Ports and Protocols

The Bluebook™ testing app uses the port configuration shown in the table. Make sure all necessary content filters, firewalls, and proxy servers are open. 




HTTPS (secure connection) 

Firewall Exceptions 

Use a wildcard at the root level to allow traffic to and from College Board: *