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AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) is different from other AP courses and exams in ways that impact your role as an AP coordinator.

  • The AP CSP assessment consists of 2 parts:
    • A through-course assessment composed of the Create Performance Task that students complete in class, with 12 hours of in-class time.
    • A 2-hour end-of-course paper and pencil exam with 70 multiple-choice questions that are administered in May. Check the AP Exam schedule.
  • Students submit their Create Performance Task in the AP Digital Portfolio, a web-based platform. As the AP coordinator, you have the ability to monitor the activity in the digital portfolio, and you'll need to perform a few tasks connected to the digital portfolio before the performance task submission deadline of May 2, 11:59 p.m. ET.

Role of the AP Coordinator

If you are an AP coordinator in a school that is offering AP CSP, you need to take the following steps to ensure students are set up to submit the Create Performance Task as final and take the end-of-course exam.

AP coordinators order AP CSP Exams along with all other AP Exams in AP Registration and Ordering.

The AP Digital Portfolio is directly linked to AP Registration and Ordering. When students enroll in an AP CSP class section in My AP, their enrollment will carry over to the AP Digital Portfolio. An AP ID will be assigned to the student through My AP and will also carry over to the AP Digital Portfolio.

Because exam orders for AP CSP students are created in AP Registration and Ordering, AP coordinators no longer need to check a student exam intent indicator in the AP Digital Portfolio before placing their exam order. For more information about AP Registration and Ordering, see Manage AP Registration and Ordering.

Information for Students

Students no longer need to indicate intent to take the end-of-course exam or enter their AP ID. Students must submit their performance task as final by clicking the Submit Final button in the AP Digital Portfolio by May 2, 11:59 p.m. ET.

It is likely that there will be a higher volume of simultaneous submissions as the 11:59 p.m. ET deadline approaches, which means that it may take longer for student submissions to upload in the AP Digital Portfolio. So that students don’t risk missing the deadline, strongly advise them to build extra time to prepare the upload and submit. Students should not wait until the last minute to upload their performance task as final in the AP Digital Portfolio.

Supporting Independent Study and Homeschooled Students

If your school supports independent study or homeschooled students who want to take an AP CSP end-of-course exam without participating in an AP CSP class at school, as an AP coordinator you need to:

  • Create an exam only class section in AP Registration and Ordering and provide the appropriate join code to students so they can enroll. This step needs to be done before you can order exams.
  • Give students all the necessary information and directions for enrollment and submission of work in the AP Digital Portfolio. Ensure students read the AP CSP student handout and the digital portfolio student submission guide for directions on how to submit their work in the AP Digital Portfolio. 

Supporting Students taking AP CSP Online

Some students may be taking an AP CSP class through an online provider. If these students want to take an AP CSP end-of-course exam at your school, as an AP coordinator you need to:

  • Create an exam only section in AP Registration and Ordering and give students the appropriate join code so they can enroll.
  • Administer the end-of-course exam.

Supporting Students with Disabilities

For AP Computer Science Principles, students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations for the Create Performance Task and the end-of-course exam. For information about requesting an accommodations approval, go to or contact College Board SSD at (844) 255-7728 or (212) 713-8333.

AP and SSD coordinators are responsible for ensuring that the correct accommodations are in place every time students with approved accommodations take a College Board exam, including AP CSP. Find out more.

The AP Digital Portfolio conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (Level A and AA success criteria) and is compatible with screen readers like JAWS in browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Planning is the key to a successful exam administration. Contact AP Services for Educators early in 2022 if you need assistance with any aspect of administering the AP Computer Science Principles Exam.

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