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For the 2006 Exams

David Bressoud, chair of the AP Calculus Development Committee, and Caren Diefenderfer, AP Calculus Chief Reader, provide the following insight into the new policy that orignated in 2005: "Sign charts can provide a useful tool to investigate and summarize the behavior of a function. We commend their use as an investigative tool. However, the Development Committee has recommended, and the Chief Reader concurs, that sign charts, by themselves, should not be accepted as a sufficient response when a problem asks for a justification for the existence of either a local or an absolute extremum of a function at a particular point in its domain. This is a policy that will take effect with the 2005 AP Calculus Exams and Reading." This is a policy that took effect with the 2005 AP Calculus Exams and Reading. To learn more, follow the link below.

On the Role of Sign Charts in AP Calculus Exams (.pdf/179KB)