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In the AP Digital Edge program, AP Computer Science A students learn the AP content, including the required Java programming language, while practicing the skills needed to be successful on the CIW JavaScript certification exam.

CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification

CIW, an independent web-technology education and certification program, offers a certification in JavaScript. Throughout the semester, students taking part in AP Digital Edge prepare for the exam that earns them the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification. Visit the CIW JavaScript Specialist page to learn more about the certification. To find out what skills are assessed on the certification exam, download the CIW JavaScript Specialist Exam Objectives.

Using JavaScript in AP Computer Science A

Here are some AP Computer Science A topics, along with the JavaScript skills used to explore them, that are featured in AP Digital Edge lessons and activities:

  • Principles and practices of programming with Java and JavaScript. In the course of studying this topic, students will identify common programming practices.
  • Programming techniques. In the course of studying this topic, students use both the Java subset and JavaScript statements for program analysis and program flow.

The teachers' resources map the JavaScript skills in each lesson to the AP Computer Science A course outline.

Sample Lesson

As an example, let's look at an AP Digital Edge lesson plan for AP Computer Science A called "Introduction to Standard Java and JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM)."


In this lesson, the teacher begins with a discussion about the differences between Java and JavaScript. The teacher explains that Java is an object-oriented programming language and is used to create applications on a computer, while JavaScript is a scripting language mainly designed for adding interactivity to web pages.


Students use JavaScript DOM objects (variables and methods) to re-create web pages in a browser. Students also learn to modify the JavaScript DOM objects to add features to the web page. These skills are also applied when working with the AP Computer Science Java subset.


This lesson's learning objectives state that after the lesson, students will be skilled at "using JavaScript to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM)” as well as being able to evaluate and change URL information with the location object of the DOM.


Visit the AP Computer Science A Resources page to download the AP Digital Edge resource AP Computer Science A: Activities to Build Understanding for the CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification, which includes lesson plans, student handouts, student workbooks, and grading keys.

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