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Curriculum Enrichment

AP Digital Edge is based on the premise that career and professional education (CAPE) and Advanced Placement Program (AP) courses can support each other in valuable ways. CAPE can enhance students' understanding of challenging AP content, while AP content can provide context that engages students in learning CAPE skills.

Advantages for Students and Teachers

AP Digital Edge will help students:

  • Prepare for success on AP Exams: Hands-on, real-world practice with a digital tool will support understanding of AP content.
  • Apply and practice digital skills that will be useful in college and career.
  • Earn certifications recognized within the relevant industry — they can add these to their résumés and college applications.

AP Digital Edge will help teachers:

  • Expand their instructional practices to include applied, cross-curricular learning.
  • Focus their instructional decisions on the most challenging AP content.
  • Earn industry certification in the use of a digital tool.

AP Digital Edge is designed to increase the number of students taking AP Exams and scoring a 3 or higher and to increase the number of students earning CAPE-related certifications.