Exams: 2012 Studio Art Drawing: Concentration Samples

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Studio Art Drawing: Concentration—Section II

The student samples for Drawing: Concentration were submitted in June 2012. The selections were made on the basis of the works alone: those choosing them had no idea who the students are or what schools they attended. The Concentrations were selected as representative of a range of excellence for this portfolio.

All of the works included here received very high scores. The students' written commentaries accompany the samples. To view the student samples, select from the choices below.

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Concentration Sample 1: Milan Aguirre, Loyola High School, Los Angeles, Calif.

Score: 6

Rationale for Score

  • The provocative concentration topic is clearly defined in the commentary, and it is thoughtfully explored and developed.
  • The concentration deals successfully with complex issues of culture, race, gender, and beauty.
  • Materials are handled decisively. Found and weathered wood is transformed to fields of fleshy pink, while gold leaf, stitching, and crown images confer value upon the ugly or grotesque.
  • Concept, composition, use of media, and personalized mark-making work harmoniously to carry out the student's "vision."
  • The work is of excellent quality.

Concentration Sample 2: Yebin So, Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N.J.

Score: 5

Rationale for Score

  • The student's clearly expressed intention to make light tangible is carried out with sensitivity and thoroughness.
  • The drawings and paintings record carefully observed, three-dimensional spaces, and yet function equally well as abstract compositions.
  • Color is successfully used to create moods of reflection and reverie, somewhat reminiscent of the work of Edward Hopper.
  • The student displays refined technical skills as evidenced in images 2 and 3, but is also capable of taking daring risks with the gestural approach seen in images 9 and 10.
  • Generally, the work is of strong to excellent quality.

Concentration Sample 3: Nicole Clark, Prospect High School, Mt. Prospect, Ill.

Score: 4

Rationale for Score

  • A clear concentration topic is presented, and the work is successfully integrated with the theme.
  • The technical skill is uneven among the works, varying from awkward to accomplished. Image 9 exhibits some problems with observation and rendering, whereas image 4 is dramatically effective without needing to be more precise.
  • The student uses brush stroke and mark quality consciously to convey qualities of light and environment.
  • Decisions about composition and point of view indicate good imagination and risk-taking.
  • Overall, the work is of good quality.

Concentration Sample 4: Lauren Moser, Enloe (Magnet) High School, Raleigh, N.C.

Score: 3

Rationale for Score

  • A potentially engaging theme is discernible, but it is inadequately considered.
  • The work shows little sense of investigation or discovery.
  • Some imaginative ideas emerge in images 1, 7, and 9, but the technical skills needed to develop them are limited.
  • In image 6, one can sense the artist's clear connection with the subject, but image 4 remains a nearly direct reproduction of a photographic source, with minimal student voice.
  • There is an emerging level of accomplishment among the works.
  • Overall, the work is of moderate quality.