Exams: 2013 Studio Art 2-D Design: Breadth Samples

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2-D Design

The student works displayed on this page are reproductions of actual works submitted by students in June 2013.

All of the samples here were chosen because they clearly represent different points on the scoring scale. In the course of the AP evaluation, each section of the portfolio is scored on a six-point scale. Once the evaluation is complete, the various scores assigned to each student's portfolio are combined and transformed into the final AP grade of 1-5.

Note: With the exception of a small number of spelling corrections and clarifications (in brackets), all information in the commentaries is transcribed exactly as the students wrote it.

Media and dimensions for the works shown are based on information provided by each student. In some cases minor revisions have been made for clarity.

Each group of works is accompanied by a brief rationale for the scores awarded to the works. We greatly appreciate the generosity of the students who have agreed to share their works in this way.

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2-D Design Sample 1: Anderson Shimmin, Highlands Ranch High School, Highlands Ranch, Colo.

AP Portfolio Score: 5

Breadth Section

Score 6

Rationale for Score

  • The work demonstrates a broad range of 2-D design principles applied to both 2-D and 3-D forms, exploring ideas that range from corporate identity and product design to fine art.
  • The scale, alignment, and proximity of the text engage the viewer and demonstrate a confident personal voice.
  • The application of digital and analog tools and materials demonstrates technical confidence, as seen in images 5 and 11.
  • Color harmonies and contrasts are used to support ideas. This sophisticated approach informs the viewer and articulates the student's personal vision. For example, image 10 explores a playful use of color, whereas image 11 expresses a more subtle approach.

2-D Design Sample 2: Alexandra Morris, J.J. Pearce High School, Richardson, Texas

AP Portfolio Score: 4

Breadth Section

Score: 4

Rationale for Score

  • Some work demonstrates the exploration of methods and materials; however, there are uneven levels of accomplishment.
  • Figure/ground relationships in some works are not considered adequately.
  • The student applies repetition, rhythm, scale, emphasis, unity and variety in some of the compositions, although intention is not clear in other works.
  • There is creative exploration (images 2 and 11) yet technical skill is not fully resolved.
  • Images 4 and 12 are good and demonstrate confidence.

2-D Design Sample 3: Alyssa Schuda, Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo, Calif.

AP Portfolio Score: 3

Breadth Section:

Score: 3

Rationale for Score

  • Overall, the work exhibits a limited investigation and application of 2-D principles.
  • Image 5 demonstrates technical competence; however, other works (images 2, 9, and 8) are less successful.
  • Figure/ground relationships are explored with moderate success and often appear less purposeful (images 6 and 11).
  • Innovation and originality are apparent in images 1, 4, 5, and 7.