Exams: 2012 Studio Art 2-D Design: Quality Samples

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2-D Design: Quality—Section I

The student works displayed on this page are reproductions of actual works submitted by students in June 2012.

All of the samples here were chosen because they clearly represent different points on the scoring scale for Section I, Quality. In the course of the AP evaluation, each section of the portfolio is scored on a six-point scale. Once the evaluation is complete, the various scores assigned to each student's portfolio are combined and transformed into the final AP grade of 1-5. The requirement for Section I of all three Studio Art portfolios is five pieces.

Each group of works is accompanied by a brief rationale for the scores awarded to the works. We greatly appreciate the generosity of the students who have agreed to share their works in this way.

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Quality Sample 1: Felicia Alcaide, Design and Architecture Senior High School, Miami, Fla

Score: 6

Rationale for Score

  • These works of modest scale and restrained palette draw the viewer in with engaging subtlety and evocative narrative.
  • The student's illustrative style is built upon a well integrated knowledge of design principles.
  • Materials (ink, watercolor, marker, nail polish) are layered with confidence and fluidity.
  • The work demonstrates a clear sense of intention as well as a distinct, individual "voice".
  • Even though illusionary depth is compressed, figure/ground relationships are well activated through the dynamic use of marks, drips, and bands of color.
  • Overall, the work is of excellent quality.

Quality Sample 2: Will Kromer, Friday Harbor High School, Friday Harbor, Wash.

Score: 5

Rationale for Score

  • A dynamic student voice is prominent in these playfully inventive images.
  • The principles of design are used to engage and propel the viewer through complex networks of imagery.
  • The work is well crafted and demonstrates thoughtful consideration of compositional issues.
  • Although there are varying degrees of resolution among the five pieces, overall the work is of strong quality.

Quality Sample 3: Jaimie Kenney, Booker High School, Sarasota, Fl.

Score: 4

Rationale for Score

  • Clear decision making and intentionality are evident.
  • Some of the work has evocative qualities that engage the viewer, although confidence is not obvious.
  • The work is technically competent but shows relatively little experimentation or risk taking.
  • The image with a fly and honey comb demonstrates an effective use of asymmetric balance, color, and pattern, whereas the drawing of a peacock appears unresolved.
  • Overall, the work is of good quality.

Quality Sample 4: Alyssa Schuda, Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo, Calif.

Score: 3

Rationale for Score

  • The work clearly addresses 2-D design principles, such as rhythm and repetition, achieving varying degrees of success.
  • The Ferris wheel abstraction engages the viewer with energetic use of line, color, and pattern, whereas the graphite drawing of clothing lacks value-development and resolution.
  • A sense of intention is apparent, but there is limited evidence of the student's "voice."
  • Technical competence is emerging, but the overall quality of the work is uneven.