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A Valuable Supplementary Resource

The Internet can be an incredibly valuable teaching and learning resource. The Spanish Language Web Guide is designed to be a starting point for AP Spanish Language teachers who are looking for accurate and useful content to supplement the lessons in their textbooks. The Web sites in the guide are focused on a wide variety of topics—some will help students who need extra practice, others will help guide teachers in the creation and enrichment of teaching units, and some will be primarily used for researching topics related to Hispanic culture. It is hoped that they will all be helpful to you and your students!

The guide is divided into three sections: La Gramática, La Cultura, and Reference Materials.

Susan Seraphine-Kimel is a Spanish teacher and the fine arts department chair at Astronaut High School in Titusville, Florida. She served six years as an AP Exam Reader, and was the 2001-2002 Florida Spanish Teacher of the Year. She is also the creator of the Web sites and

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  • Susan Seraphine-Kimel
    Astronaut High School
    Titusville, Florida