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AP Precalculus teacher with four high school students in a classroom

Why We Developed AP Precalculus


For thousands of new college students, introductory math is a barrier to success.
Without strong preparation in high school, students struggle to complete remedial or introductory college math classes that are often taught in large lectures with minimal student support. More than half of students enrolling at public two-year colleges and nearly a third of students at public four-year colleges are assigned to remedial math, and more than 40 percent of those students fail to complete their remedial coursework.

High school precalculus can improve math readiness.
Offering a college-level precalculus course in high school will give students a new and valuable option for improving math readiness and staying on track for college.

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AP Precalculus Was Designed To:


a wider diversity of students for success in college mathematics.


more students to persist through four years of mathematics in high school.


student readiness to pursue STEM majors in college and careers.


students with the math skills required for on-time college completion.

AP Precalculus is a well-balanced and meaningful course that will be beneficial for every student regardless of their intended future plans. The content captures the modeling of our dynamic, changing world which can ignite a passion and appreciation for the pursuit of many areas related to mathematics.

—Julie Harrison, Spelman College, Development Committee Member

The Course Framework


The AP Precalculus course teaches core mathematics principles and focuses on four key units of study that colleges expect students to master to qualify for credit or placement.

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Young teacher at a white board helping a high school student with AP Precalculus.

More About AP Precalculus

More About AP Precalculus

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