Course Overview Modules for AP Computer Science Principles Teachers

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The following videos and presentations give you a guided tour of the AP Program and AP Computer Science Principles.

To get the most out of this overview, watch these modules in the order they're listed below. (If you're interested in just one topic or pressed for time, you can always watch the modules individually, jump to a particular topic within a module, or save your place and return later.)

1 — Welcome and Introduction

In this video, you'll get an introduction to AP and learn about the design of AP courses from Trevor Packer, Senior Vice President of AP and Instruction; John Williamson, Vice President of AP Curriculum and Instruction; and Jay McTighe, education consultant and author of Understanding by Design. (15 min)

AP Course Overview 

2 — Curriculum Framework

Learn about the components of the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum framework and how they fit together.

Topics include:

  • Why AP CSP?
  • Computational thinking practices and big ideas in AP CSP
  • Enduring understandings and learning objectives

(17 min)

AP Computer Science Principles Curriculum Framework 

3 — Assessment

The AP Computer Science Principles Assessment consists of two parts: a through-course assessment and the end-of-course AP Exam. Both of these parts will measure student achievement of the course learning objectives.

Learn about the AP Computer Science Principles end-of-course exam, which will be administered for the first time in May 2017.

Topics include:

  • Exam description
  • Through-course performance tasks
  • End-of-course AP Exam

(16 min)

AP Computer Science Principles Assessment 

4 — Instructional Approaches

Learn practical ways to implement the curriculum framework in your classroom.

Topics include:

  • Organizational approaches
  • Linking computational thinking practices and learning objectives
  • Important considerations

(14 min)

AP Computer Science Principles Structural Approaches 

5 — AP Course Audit

This video introduction to the AP Course Audit process explains why AP courses need to be authorized, the purpose of curricular requirements, and how to submit your syllabus. (3 min)

AP Course Audit 

6 — Resources

Learn about the variety of resources available to AP Computer Science Principles teachers.

Topics include:

  • Course home page
  • Professional development
  • Teacher community

(5 min)

AP Computer Science Principles Resources 

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