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Important Updates

For more information, please see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1. Additional information about using the AP ID labels and answer sheets during the exam administration will also be in the 2019-20 AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2.

New! The new AP Exam ordering processes for 2019-20 streamline the experience for AP students and coordinators. Students will now enter information online instead of bubbling it in on exam day—eliminating the need for Student Packs or preadministration materials or sessions. Instead, personalized AP ID label sheets are provided for each student included in your school’s AP Exam order.

AP ID Labels

An AP ID is the unique, eight-digit alphanumeric code that serves as a student’s official identifier for the exam administration. College Board uses the AP ID to associate each student with their score(s).

The AP ID is generated when students enroll in their first class section (or exam only section) through My AP. A personalized sheet of AP ID labels is then produced for each student included in your school’s exam order.

For easier organization, you can select the ordering of the label sheets—alphabetically, by grade level, or by first exam—when finalizing your exam order.

In the spring, you’ll receive your shipment of AP ID label sheets. An accompanying list will indicate the students whose AP ID label sheets are included in the shipment. You can use the list to help check and organize the AP ID label sheets in preparation for the exam administration.

Remember that it’s critical for each student to receive their personalized AP ID label sheet at each exam they’re taking. Determine a process to ensure the accurate and efficient distribution of label sheets at each exam administration and review this process with proctors before the start of the AP Exam administration.

On the day of their AP Exams, students place AP ID labels on their exam materials, connecting their materials with the registration information they’ve provided.

Note: Once an AP ID is assigned to a student, it remains their AP ID every year they take an AP course or exam. Students will receive a new AP ID label sheet each year they take AP Exams.

AP ID label sheets contain students’ personal information. You should store the label sheets securely before and during the AP Exam administration. After your school has administered all AP Exams, you should securely dispose of the AP ID label sheets.

Answer Sheets

New! Starting this year, the answer sheet is a single page, double-sided.  

Because each student’s registration information is captured in the barcode on their AP ID label, the information they need to provide on exam day is minimal. Students will place an AP ID label on their answer sheet and other exam materials on exam day.