What is a preadministration session?

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A preadministration session is planned time during which students fill in identification information on their answer sheets ahead of exam day. It can save time on exam day (typically 30 minutes or more), but only if everyone who will be taking the exam participates.

Detailed instructions for conducting a preadministration session, including a script and a sample 2018 AP answer sheet, can be found in the AP Preadministration Instructions booklet available at the AP Coordinators site in February 2018 and in preadministration materials and exam shipments. A preadministration session PowerPoint presentation, also available at AP Coordinators in February 2018, walks coordinators and proctors through a preadministration session.

You can order preadministration materials when you’re creating your initial exam order, but note that preadministration materials can’t be ordered or sessions conducted for AP Chinese, Japanese, and Studio Art Exams. The materials you need for this session (answer sheets and Student Packs) will be shipped before your exam materials, but once an order has been processed for shipment, it’s too late to select this option. (Ordering AP Studio Art Exams before ordering the rest of your school’s exams won’t affect your preadministration materials order. You’ll still be able to order preadministration materials for other subjects when you order those exams.)


  • Schools outside the United States and Canada don’t need to order separate preadministration materials. AP Exams for these schools are shipped earlier than exams for schools in the United States, so if schools outside the U.S. and Canada want to conduct a preadministration session, the shipment should arrive in time for them to do so.
  • Schools that order fewer than 20 exams can’t select the preadministration materials option. However, preadministration materials are sent for AP Research, AP Seminar, and AP Computer Science Principles Exams regardless of how many exams are ordered.
  • Schools that only order late-testing exams won’t be able to select the preadministration materials option.