How do I order exams for students who need testing accommodations?

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If the student needs accommodations such as extended testing time, but will still be using a regular-format exam, order the exam online as you would other AP Exams. The student's name will appear on the school's roster of students approved for extended testing time.

If the student needs any of the following special format exam materials and/or multiple-day testing, use the appropriate links on the AP Exam Ordering page:

  • Printed scripts for the listening, certain writing, and speaking/sight-singing parts of AP Exams in French, German, Italian, and Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture, or Music Theory
  • Multiple-day testing
  • Braille and 14– or 20–point large-type exams, and large-block answer sheets
  • Large-type formats other than 14– or 20–point formats
  • Assistive technology–compatible (ATC) format exams
  • Other accommodations

The preferred date to order these materials is February 22.

Visit Services for Students with Disabilities.

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