How do I complete a Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR)?

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Before the exam administration, the school SSD coordinator must log in to SSD Online and generate an AP Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) for each student approved for testing accommodations who will be taking an AP Exam. (Extra copies should be printed or photocopied for students taking multiple AP Exams.) A NAR must be completed and returned for EACH exam taken with accommodations. You’ll need to indicate the actual amount of time the student uses for each part and section. You don’t need to complete the Section I Time and Section II Time portions of the NAR for students who aren’t approved for extended time. If a student is approved for a break accommodation, the Extra or Extended Break Time portion should be completed. This information is used for research purposes only; the amount of testing time does not affect scores and won’t be reported. The NAR must be returned with the exam materials. If a NAR isnt returned, the student’s exam score will be placed on hold.