AP Studio Art (Drawing, 2-D Design, 3-D Design)

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AP Studio Art Exams are ordered separately from other exams on the AP Exam Ordering website; the number of exams ordered corresponds to the number of portfolios that will be submitted. This lets you order early and benefits schools expecting a significant increase in the number of AP Studio Art students this year. When you place your school's Studio Art Exam order, keep in mind that the number of student portfolios set up in the Digital Submission Web application is limited to the number of exams ordered last year, plus 10% for growth. Orders for preadministration materials won’t be affected by AP Studio Art Exam orders.

You should order the AP Studio Art portfolios online, along with exams for other subjects. AP Studio Art portfolios must be ordered by the type of portfolio that will be submitted: AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, AP Studio Art: 3-D Design, or AP Studio Art: Drawing.

It’s crucial you order one Studio Art Exam for each portfolio your school's students plan to submit. Only the number of portfolios ordered can be submitted to the AP Program later in the spring, regardless of the number of students who are able to access the AP Studio Art Digital Submission web application and upload images.

Because portfolio envelopes are much larger in size than other AP Exam materials, they’re shipped separately from the other exam materials. Sustained Investigation (Concentration) and Range of Approaches (Breadth) sections are submitted as digital images via the Digital Submission web application. For the Selected Works (Quality) section of the 2-D Design and Drawing portfolios, the portfolio envelopes will be used to submit actual artworks for evaluation. Because the 3-D Design portfolios are submitted entirely online, we don’t ship portfolio envelopes to your school for 3-D Design.

A student may submit more than one Studio Art portfolio; however, there must be no duplication of works or images among the portfolios, and portfolios can’t be combined. If, for example, a student wants to submit a portfolio for both AP Studio Art: Drawing and AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, you should order two portfolios for that student, and two separate exam fees must be paid by that student.

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