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More than 800 schools successfully transitioned to the new AP processes, systems, and deadlines in 2018-19, as part of an early implementation program. We interviewed AP coordinators from those schools to understand how they managed their programs in a year of change, with a specific focus on course and exam registration, ordering, and payment collection and reconciliation. Here you’ll find guidance and advice from four of those coordinators, along with sample documents and communications to jumpstart your efforts. We hope this provides you with ideas and a starting point for your own program this year.

Common themes emerge across all four scenarios, such as the importance of early communication, but each AP coordinator’s specific practices and tools provide individual insights. The four stories depict different schedules for collecting exam fees, as that can vary by school, district, state, and other factors.

Visit each coordinator’s page to see details about how they managed fee collection along with sample emails and spreadsheets for download.

AP Coordinator

Fee Collection Timing


Casie Wexler

Exam fees collected in the fall

Required students to take the exam if enrolled in the AP course and used a student contract and information session to get information out early; specified an October 31 student payment deadline to make sure she could order exams by November 15.

Lou Ann Brandstetter

Exam fees collected in the fall

Developed a process to manage registration and fee collection before the start of school, aligned with students arriving and getting their student ID cards.


Wendy Cain

Deposit collected in the fall

Collected a deposit from students in the fall, and the balance in the spring, because the amount of state funding for exam fees was not finalized until December.


Jane Bohn

Exam fees collected in the spring

Collected exam fees in the spring; because of a grant allocating funds based on the final number of test takers, she didn’t know the actual amount owed by the student until later in the year.


College Board has worked with providers of payment-related services to gather information to help you plan your exam fee collection process. Learn more about the AP Exam fee collection providers program and review information about payment providers who may be able to assist you in developing an exam fee collection process that fits your school.