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Important Updates

Update (April 2020): The postmark deadline for invoices and payments submitted to the AP Program is now June 26, 2020.

The June 15 deadline does not apply any longer.

New! The invoice process has been streamlined to save you time at the end of the school year. Coordinators no longer need to generate their school’s invoice. Instead, your invoice is directly generated by AP Registration and Ordering and is emailed to you the day after the late-testing administration ends. You can also access a copy of your invoice in AP Registration and Ordering once it’s generated.

Before the Invoice Is Generated

To ensure your invoice is accurate, complete the following steps by the deadlines shown: 

  • Indicate students eligible for fee reductions: In AP Registration and Ordering, make sure the fee reduction status is indicated as “Reduced” in the “Fee Status” column for all students who are eligible for fee reductions by April 30, 2020 (11:59 p.m. ET). See the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 for details about the AP fee reduction policy and eligibility criteria. 
  • Indicate unused exams: To ensure your packing list and invoice are accurate, indicate any unused exams per student per exam in AP Registration and Ordering before the end of the late-testing administration. You must make sure unused exams are indicated before your school’s invoice is generated in order for the $40 per exam unused/canceled exam fee to be applied instead of the full exam fee. If you don’t indicate unused exams by this time, you’ll be invoiced the full exam fee for those exams.

Accessing Your Invoice

You’ll receive an email from College Board with your invoice after the late-testing administration ends. If you don’t receive this email, check AP Registration and Ordering to see if your invoice is available. If it’s not available, contact AP Services for Educators.

You can view and download a PDF copy of your invoice by going to the Packing List and Invoice page in AP Registration and Ordering.

Returning Your Invoice with Payment

From the email or in AP Registration and Ordering, click Print Invoice and print the number of copies you need. If you owe a balance, mail the final invoice and payment to the AP Program by June 15, 2020, using the envelope provided with your exam shipment. If you lose the envelope that came with the exam shipment, you’ll find the mailing address on the invoice.

Checks should be made payable to College Board.

Some states also require schools claiming state fee reductions to send them a copy of the invoice. Review 2020 state subsidy information.

Deadline to Return Payment

The postmark deadline for invoices and payments submitted to the AP Program is June 15, 2020. Late payments incur a $225 late fee.