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Training Opportunities

Attend a 2019-20 Operational Overview online session.

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The AP Program’s new online processes streamline exam registration, ordering, and administration; create a more consistent exam taker registration experience; and reduce student data mismatches.

We’ll support you through the transition and let you know about upcoming opportunities to learn more about the new tools and processes.

Here are the events you should know about and the steps to get ready for the changes.


  • Winter:

    • Your principal receives a mailing with resources to prepare your school for the changes.
    • Help your principal communicate new AP Exam ordering deadlines, policies, and fees to students and parents for 2019-20.
    • November: Coordinators begin signing up for Operational Overview live online sessions.
    • January: Operational Overview live online sessions for coordinators begin.
    • February: Coordinators begin signing up for in-person Registration and Ordering workshops.
  • June:

    • In-person workshops for coordinators on registration and ordering begin.

    August 1:

    • Registration and ordering and classroom support systems open.
      • Log in to the AP registration and ordering system (your principal will give you the access code).
      • Complete the AP participation form in the system.
    • Registration and Ordering live online sessions for coordinators begin.
    • Online modules for coordinators about how to use the new system launch.

    Before school starts:

    • Help your principal communicate new AP Exam ordering deadlines, policies, and fees to students and parents for 2019-20.
  • Fall:

    • In the first weeks of class:
      • If you’re creating class sections (either coordinators or teachers may do this, depending on the school):
        • Create class sections for all AP teachers.
        • Provide join codes for all AP teachers to give to their students.
      • Make sure that students and parents understand the deadline you set for committing to take the exam.
      • Communicate exam fees to parents and students.
      • Well before the exam ordering deadline, and after the add/drop period, confirm rosters in the system match official class rosters.
    • By October 4: Preferred deadline to review registration rosters in the system, make needed changes, and confirm and submit the exam order. Orders may be submitted without additional fees until the final deadline.
    • By November 15, 11:59 p.m. ET : Final deadline to submit the exam order. No payment is due until June. Exams can be ordered or canceled after this date, though a fee applies in some cases. See the Fees section below for details.


    • Exam Administration live online sessions begin.


    • By March 13, 11:59 p.m. ET : Spring course orders and fall order changes deadline to update the exam order with late orders (fees may apply).
    • April: Schools receive personalized student registration (AP ID) labels and AP Exams.
    • May: Schools administer AP Exams.
    • By June 15: Schools return invoice with payment.

Fall Exam Ordering Overview

These are the three key deadlines for ordering 2020 AP Exams.



Preferred Deadline
October 4, 2019

This is the recommended deadline to submit May 2020 exam orders.

Final Deadline
November 15, 2019, 11:59 p.m. ET

This is the deadline to order exams for all AP courses that begin before November 15. Include all known exams to be taken on regular and late-testing dates.

Exams ordered after November 15 and by March 13 incur a late order fee of $40 per exam in addition to the exam fee. This fee doesn't apply to exams for courses that start after November 15 and exams for students that transfer into the school.

Exams canceled after November 15 or that are not taken incur a unused/canceled exam fee of $40 per exam. The original exam fee is removed from the invoice. This fee doesn't apply to exams originally ordered for students who transfer out of the school.

Spring Course Orders and Fall Order Changes Deadline
March 13, 2020, 11:59 pm ET

This is the deadline to order exams for AP courses that begin after November 15 at no additional cost, and to update the exam order with any late orders.

Schools are encouraged to submit any known cancellations by this date. This helps simplify the invoicing and return shipment processes.

Alternate exams taken on late-testing dates can be ordered after this deadline, if needed. A $40 per exam late-testing fee applies in specific circumstances.

Examples of 2020 Exam Costs

The base exam fee and the College Board fee reduction haven’t changed.


  • Low-income: Deduct the College Board fee reduction, $9 per exam school rebate, and state/local subsidies from the above amounts. Exams ordered after November 15 incur the additional $40 per exam late order fee. If a state previously provided a subsidy and eliminates the funding in 2020, any unused/canceled fees are waived for eligible students.
  • Courses that start after November 15: The late order fee doesn’t apply if exams for these courses are ordered by March 13.
  • Transfers: The late order fee doesn’t apply to exams for students who transfer into the school after November 15. The unused/canceled exam fee doesn’t apply to students who transfer out of the school before the exam administration.
  • Alternate exams given on late-testing dates: An additional $40 per exam fee may apply if late testing is due to student/school choice.
  • AP Capstone™, International: The base exam fee is higher for these exams. The 2018-19 fees haven’t changed.