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Find out how the technology coordinator supports digital exam administration in 2022 and get technology requirements.

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Technology coordinators: CB Digital Exams, the student testing app, is now available.

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What’s New in 2022

Many technology requirements are the same as last year, but we’re introducing some improvements. Here’s what’s new in 2022:

  • Students can test on shared devices.
  • Students can test on iPads with physical keyboards.
  • Students check in to the app in the testing room on exam day.
  • The app should be downloaded before exam day, but no setup is required.
  • Proctors use a web application called Test Day Toolkit to start and monitor the exam.

Technology Coordinator

Before exam day, technology coordinators prepare the network and student devices for testing. On exam day, they’re available on-site to troubleshoot issues. These responsibilities can be shared if necessary.

Read more about the technology coordinator and get a checklist.

Student Testing App Installation 

Students take digital AP Exams using CB Digital Exams, an app downloaded to their device before exam day. They’ll check in on exam day when they get to their room, but no setup is required.

Students need internet access at the start and end of the exam but can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily.

Most technical issues can be resolved by following the instructions in error messages, restarting the app, or restarting the device.

Technology coordinators should download and distribute the CB Digital Exams app as soon as possible so students can preview sample exam questions, confirm device settings, and prepare for exam day. 

Learn about installing the testing app on student devices.

Testing Devices

Students can take the exam on a school device assigned to them (1-to-1), a shared device, or a personal device. Windows and Mac laptops and desktops, school-managed Chromebooks, and iPads with keyboards are supported if they meet technical specifications.

Get the technical specifications for testing devices.

Test Day Toolkit

Starting this year, AP coordinators and proctors will use a web application called Test Day Toolkit to start and monitor digital AP Exams. They can access it on any device that connects to the internet just by signing in to their College Board professional account. Test Day Toolkit works best with Google’s Chrome browser.

Network Requirements

An internet connection is required at the start and end of the exam, but students can keep testing if their connection drops momentarily.

Learn about bandwidth, wireless access points, and other network requirements.