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Get Started

The CB Digital Exams app is available now. 

Technology coordinators should download and distribute the app as soon as possible so students can preview sample exam questions, confirm device settings, and prepare for exam day. 

Get the Testing App

Supported Devices

The student testing app can be installed on these devices: 

  • Personal and school-managed Windows and Mac laptops and desktops
  • School-managed Chromebooks
  • Personal and school-managed iPads with external keyboards

See Testing Devices for supported operating systems and other device specifications. 

Installation Options

Options vary by device type. Detailed instructions are available on the CB Digital Exams app installation website.


Because it runs only in kiosk mode, the testing app is available only on Chromebooks managed through the Admin Console in Google Workspace. Configure the app to run in kiosk mode by adding it to the managed devices in the organizational unit hierarchy.  

Windows and Macs

There are three installation options for Windows and Macs:

  • Allow student download from our site. They’ll need write access to their local folder for installation and testing.
  • Allow student download from your store. Use your MDM platform to place the app in your school store of approved applications.
  • Deploy the app to multiple devices. Use your MDM platform to package and deploy the testing app in a user-writable folder.

An EXE installer is available for Windows and a DMG installer is available for Macs. MSI and MSIX installers are not available for this year’s AP Exam administration. Call tech support at 877-274-6474 if you need help using the available installers.


The testing app will be available in the Apple app store. Allow students to download it themselves or use your MDM platform to distribute it.