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Before exam day, technology coordinators prepare the network and student devices for testing. On exam day, they’re available on-site to troubleshoot issues.

These responsibilities can be shared if necessary. For example, district staff might perform readiness tasks while school staff help on exam day.

Readiness tasks:

  • Pushing the digital testing app to school-managed devices or working with the AP coordinator to make sure students download it themselves.
  • Making sure students and proctors can access Wi-Fi on exam day, even if they’re using personal devices.

Exam day tasks:

  • Helping students and staff solve common issues (we’ll provide troubleshooting tips before exam day).
  • Reporting issues to the AP coordinator.

Technology Coordinator Checklist

  • Ask the AP coordinator questions about the number of test takers, accommodations requirements, and other exam day details.
  • Make sure a suitable testing device will be available for every student who needs one.
  • Help the AP coordinator choose testing rooms with a reliable wired internet connection or strong, consistent Wi-Fi signal.
  • Apply for approval to deploy the student testing app.
  • Uninstall last year’s version of the College Board digital testing app.
  • Install the CB Digital Exams app on student testing devices. Learn about your installation options.