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Share this info with your students so they can know what to expect on exam day, familiarize themselves with the digital exam tools and navigation, and check their device readiness. Students approved for accommodations can also learn how their accommodations will work on exam day. 

Digital Readiness Checklist

Before they take a digital AP Exam, students should:

What Students Should Know

Students should expect a new experience when they take a digital AP Exam in 2022. It’s not just about clicking instead of bubbling, it’s about a more self-directed exam day.

Your students should be ready to:

  • Sign in to their College Board account.
  • Read most instructions on their device—students will hear only a few instructions from their proctor before they start testing.
  • Take their break when the testing app tells them to.
  • Use digital equivalents of the accommodations they use on paper exams.

Digital Exam Videos

Students and educators can watch these videos now to learn what it’s like to take a digital AP Exam.


College Board Account Update

Beginning in late February, students will be required to update their College Board accounts to be more secure and easier to access. Before exam day, all students taking in-school digital exams should sign in to their College Board account to be automatically guided through this update.

If students don’t complete this account update before exam day, they may encounter delays and be unable to start the exam.


Available Now: Exam Preview Questions

As soon as the testing app is downloaded to a student’s device, they should sign in with their College Board account and explore the exam preview questions. Students planning to test with assistive technology should answer the preview questions using the relevant technology.

Students who can’t access the preview questions on their device should see the technology coordinator as soon as possible to make sure the device is ready for exam day.

Getting the App

Students using personal devices: Encourage students to go to on their testing device and download the CB Digital Exams app. The page will detect their device type and make the right file available.

Students using school-managed devices: Send your technology coordinator to Install the CB Digital Exams App for files and instructions



AP coordinators and SSD coordinators should meet with students to:

  • Make sure they understand how their College Board–approved accommodations will work on exam day.
  • Encourage them to try the preview questions using assistive technology (if applicable).
  • Share configuration instructions for assistive technology (if applicable).
  • Answer any questions they have.

Learn more about accommodations on digital exams.