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Learn how proctoring in-school digital AP Exams differs from proctoring paper exams.

What’s New in 2022

  • Proctors use a web application to start and monitor digital AP Exams.
  • Proctors control the exact exam start time. Exams won’t start automatically.
  • Students take digital AP Exams on a laptop, desktop, iPad with keyboard, or managed Chromebook.
  • Students check in to the testing app in their room on exam day. The app should be downloaded before exam day, but no setup is needed.
  • Within a section or part, students can skip questions and return to them later.

The Proctor’s Role

Proctors are responsible for everyone in the exam room and everything that takes place there.

Because the student testing app times the exam, tells students when their break starts, and ends the exam, proctors don’t have to. Once testing starts, proctors can concentrate on maintaining exam security and helping students.

Test Day Toolkit

Proctors use a web application called Test Day Toolkit on exam day. They can use it on any device that connects to the internet and will get an access email when their AP coordinator adds them to the staff list. 

The toolkit walks proctors through exam day and gives them:

  • A room readiness checklist.
  • A student roster.
  • A short script to read before the start of the first section.
  • The room code and start code that students enter in to their testing app.
  • A dashboard for monitoring student progress.

Technical Issues

If students have technical issues, they can usually resolve them by following the instructions in error messages, restarting the app, or restarting their device.

Proctors can help students if they’re able to without delaying or disturbing others. We’ll provide troubleshooting tips before exam day.